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  • Air Conditioning Repair | Rock Valley HVAC in Janesville, WI

    Air Conditioning Repair

    For dependable air conditioning repair, Rock Valley HVAC, in Janesville, WI is a top-notch provider of reliable service. We understand the misery that you'll feel when your cooling system suddenly fails during the sweltering summer heat. We are dedicated to promptly completing your air conditioning repair so your home or business can be cool and comfortable as soon as possible.

    Rock Valley HVAC will give you a written estimate before we begin any repair. That way you know exactly what the repair will cost first. When you call us for an air conditioning repair you'll enjoy benefits that include:

    • Competitive pricing
    • Flexible appointment availability
    • Upfront pricing
    • One year warranty on the repair 

    If you need to call us out again for the same repair we will do it for free!

    Schedule an appointment today at Rock Valley HVAC to escape the humidity and heat of Southern WI. We will get your cooling system up and running quickly. We provide professional air conditioning repairs in Janesville and the surrounding areas. We’re a proud leader in the industry. You can trust us to deliver reliable service every time!

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  • Having a proper air filter on your furnace is very important! Not all filters are equal. Did you know that some filters can actually be too restrictive on your blower system? It's true. Having a too restrictive filter will cause you blower to have work harder to move the air through your house or business.

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