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Our HVAC company provides Beloit with indoor air quality services in a friendly and professional manner, while offering fair pricing and free quotes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the indoor air quality of the average home in North America is as much as five times more polluted than outside air. Whether you own a home or business in Beloit, a reputable HVAC Company is key to providing a healthy, clean, comfortable, and temperature-controlled living environment.


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Our duct cleaning services are an important part of heating and cooling system maintenance and offer many benefits beyond clean air. Clean ductwork is more effective at transferring air throughout your home or office, which results in lower energy bills. Having clean duct systems also provides relief for allergy sufferers by eliminating dust, dander, molds, lint, pet hair, etc., and can also eliminate odors in your home.

Keep your air filtration clean by keeping your home filter (or furnace filter) changed regularly by an HVAC Company. By keeping up to date on your heating and cooling system maintenance in your Beloit area home or office building, the overall life of your system is extended. We can also test your indoor air quality and offer air purification solutions like whole-house air purifiers or solutions for a single room. We can install air purifiers that trap mold spores and prevent them from spreading, or those that address specific allergens that are problematic for you or your loved ones.

Our HVAC Company in Beloit also offers UV filtration services, which means we can install a UV light in your duct system to eliminate mold spores and kill airborne bacteria caused by the heating and cooling system. And our whole-home humidifier can alleviate the effects of dry air on your family’s health by adding the proper amount of humidity to your indoor air. Call or text Rock Valley HVAC today for a free quote on any of our heating and cooling system maintenance or indoor air quality services.

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