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Every home should have a healthy, clean indoor living environment. That’s why our HVAC company provides Delavan with indoor air quality services that deliver the safe, purified air you need. We specialize in the following air quality services: whole-home humidifiers, UV filtration and germicidal light, air filtration and air purification, duct cleaning, and other heating and cooling system maintenance. When you choose Rock Valley HVAC, you’re guaranteed expert service, repair, and installation, backed by nearly 25 years of experience as an HVAC/mechanical company in Delavan. Superior customer service is our top priority, and we strive to provide the type of service that leaves every customer happy with the work that was performed.


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Studies have shown that nearly every home in North America has one or more indoor air quality problems. Our HVAC company in Delavan offers a free consultation to determine how any of our indoor air quality services may help improve the air in your home or office. Our expert technicians can test your air, discuss the results, and talk about your experiences in your home. Then we’ll be able to match you with an air purifier specific to your situation. Our air purification systems can address mold spores and allergens to help you breathe clean air again.

We also provide air filtration systems to help protect against dust and other airborne particulates, as well as duct cleaning. Duct cleaning is an important heating and cooling system maintenance service we offer in Delavan that keeps your unit working efficiently. Our UV filtration solutions work as a UV light in your duct system, eliminating mold spores and killing airborne bacteria. And we can help you take better control of your indoor air comfort during winter months with a whole-home humidifier, which helps prevent the damaging effects of dry air. No matter which solution is right for you, we’ll treat you like family when you entrust our Delavan HVAC company with your indoor air quality services.

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