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  • Duct Cleaing | Rock Valley HVAC in Janesville, WI

    Duct cleaning

    Rock Valley HVAC, in Janesville, WI would be happy to give you a free quote on doing a duct cleaning in your home or business!!!! 


    Reasons to clean your duct!


    • Clean air is healthier to breath than dirty air. Indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air.
    • Ductwork that is covered in a thick blanket of "who knows what”  is less efficient at transferring air throughout your house. Think of an olympic swimmer trying to swim his best with a shag carpet swim suit. Air flow is reduced which means less conditioned air is getting to where you need it.
    • An inefficient duct system will not satisfy your heating and cooling needs as fast, causing you to pay more for your energy bills. 
    • Many people have allergies. There is a lot that ends up in your duct work. Dust, dander, bugs, bug deposits (you know what I mean), molds, lint, pet hair, sawdust from the property being built and so on. All of which can raise havoc on allergy sufferers.    
    • Odors.                                                                                                                               


  • After getting your ducts cleaned you may want us to upgrade your filter! Your filter not only improves your air quality but it also protects you equipment.

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  • You have clean ducts. A great air filter. Turn your awesome furnace into a disinfecting, germ killing machine. A professionally installed UV light can kill up to 99% of viruses on a single pass.

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