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6 Important HVAC Questions to Ask Before Any Installation in Edgerton and Janesville, WI

Many of us let our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems keep our homes at a comfortable temperature without giving them a second thought. When something goes wrong, you might have questions about your HVAC systems, especially if you: Experience a decrease in indoor air qualityExperience a failure in heating or coolingHave an aging HVAC system that no longer performs as well as it didHave recently moved into a new house with an HVAC system At Rock Valley HVAC...
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4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is Leaking Water — Janesville, WI

Does your air conditioner leak? Dripping or pooling water is something hardly any of us wants to deal with on a hot summer day. It brings to mind other unsettling questions, such as: Will my air conditioner fail in the middle of the afternoon?Will I have to leave my home to be comfortable?How much is the air conditioner repair going to cost me?Why does my air conditioner have water in it, anyway? The short answer to “Why is my air...
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HVAC vs. AC: Differences and Which To Choose

You have options when it comes to controlling the temperature in your home or business. HVAC and AC systems represent the primary contenders for many property owners. But if we break down HVAC vs. AC, which system comes out on top as the best choice for you? Each system has benefits and drawbacks. Our team at Rock Valley HVAC, Inc. can help you review the facts about these systems to determine the best way to cool the air in your...
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What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up: Diagnosis and What You Should Do

Most property owners want their AC system blowing cold air, especially in the summer months. The idea that an air conditioner can actually stop working if it freezes up may feel odd, but it can happen. What causes an air conditioner to freeze up, and how can you avoid this situation? Air conditioners often freeze up as a reaction to other problems, like refrigerant leaks or electrical breakdowns. Learn more about air conditioning repairs and how to handle a frozen...
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Four Health Benefits of Humidifiers

Everybody has a different opinion of the ideal humidity. Some of us prefer drier climates, while others thrive in humidity. However, using a humidifier may do more than just make the air feel less dry – it may also offer some health benefits. Humidifier therapy uses moisture to address the irritation that dry air causes. However, it's also possible to go too far in the other direction and over-humidify, which can add its own set of health concerns. So, what...
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