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Furnace Installation in Janesville, WI

If you’re looking for a new furnace or wondering when to get a furnace installation in the Janesville area, the team from Rock Valley HVAC will help you get the best new unit for your home. Don’t choose a one-size-fits-all furnace solution, because chances are you won’t be happy with it because it won’t fit the specifics of your situation.

Instead let our furnace evaluation and installation team in Janesville match you with the perfect new furnace for your house. We’ll look at factors like:

  • How many days each year you use your heater
  • How warm you like to keep your home
  • The size (in square feet) of your house
  • Any preferences you have for or against energy-saving appliances
  • Your level of satisfaction with your current heating solution

Once we have all of the relevant information, we’ll find heaters that suit your needs. We’ll make sure that they come from reliable manufacturers, then let you choose from our curated list. Pick your new heater and we’ll install it for you, too.

Each installation we do is performed according to manufacturer specifications for the unit we’re installing. This ensures that you get a great new furnace and that it should work for many years.


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    We want every customer we work for happy with the work that was performed.

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    We keep up-to-date with the most efficient, highest-quality heating & cooling equipment on the market.

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    Our HVAC service techs diagnose the problem and give you an exact price for the repair. No surprises!

Is NOW the Time for Furnace Installation?

Not sure if you’re ready to invest in our furnace installation service? We don’t blame you! After all, a new furnace is a significant investment. Our team will work with you to make sure that furnace installation is your best option.

In general, we recommend furnace installation when:

  • Repairs on your current furnace cost more than half the cost of a replacement. We can help you with these calculations so you can make an informed choice about your furnace needs.
  • Your furnace cannot be fixed. Sometimes, a breakdown is so catastrophic that we can’t get your furnace functioning normally again.
  • Your furnace is old. Most furnaces last between 10 and 15 years, though some will go longer than that. If your furnace is at the end of its lifespan, you may want to replace it so you don’t end up without heat this winter.

Contact us at Rock Valley HVAC today to ask about our Janesville furnace installation service and to get our team working on your new furnace. We’ll be there soon to make sure you get the very best solutions for your needs and to help you get the heat you need, all winter long. Make an appointment with one of our experts today!

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