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When you’re looking for the best heating company in Beloit, give us a call at Rock Valley HVAC. Whether your boiler isn’t working, your furnace won’t turn on, or your ductless mini-split heater isn’t keeping you warm, our expert technicians love to help people live better and stay warm all winter long.


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Heating Repair

Heating repair in Beloit is one of our specialties.

Rely on us when:

  • Your heater makes surprising sounds.
  • Your heater won’t shut off or turn on.
  • Your heater goes off and on quickly but it doesn’t heat your home.
  • Your heater blows cold or lukewarm air.
  • Your heater doesn’t respond to thermostat changes.
  • Your airflow in your vents is limited.
  • You are cold at home even though you’ve tried everything.

Call your reliable heating company in Beloit and we’ll have an HVAC expert out to help you soon!

Heating Maintenance

Our heating services in Beloit include complete heating maintenance. We’ll come out to:

  • Change your filters. Our experts can show you how to change them, too.
  • Clean out dust and debris. This buildup can cause your heater to work too hard or work inefficiently.
  • Visually inspect your whole HVAC system.
  • Test each component of your heater to ensure it’s working according to specifications as outlined by the manufacturer.

If we find any issues while we’re doing maintenance, we’ll let you know and devise a plan to get them fixed fast. Then you’ll know for sure that you have a heater you can rely on this winter.

Heating Replacement

Your reliable heating company in Beloit can help you get a brand new heater, too. We’ll match you with a superb new heater based on:

  • Your home’s size.
  • Your heating usage patterns, including how often you turn on your heater and how warm you try to keep your home.
  • Your energy-saving preferences.

Heating Installation

Our team can also install your new heater. We perform every heating installation according to manufacturer specifications and we’ll test it before we leave, too. That way, you will know for sure that you have all the heat you need this winter.


We work on these common heating systems all the time. Don’t hesitate to call whenever you need furnace help in Beloit.

Ductless Mini-Split Heating Systems

Need help with your ductless mini-split heater? We can fix it, replace it, or install a brand new one so you can stay warm this winter.

Boiler Services

Need help with a boiler? We have experts who can handle that. Call us now and we’ll send one of them your way soon. Before you know it, that boiler will be working again and you won’t have to feel anxious about it anymore.


Thermostats are the source of many common heating problems. We can fix yours or help you install one that is programmable or that will work with your smartphone.

Contact us at Rock Valley HVAC today for all of your boiler, furnace, or ductless mini-split system  needs. We’ll have someone at your house in Beloit fast and get you the heat you need as soon as possible.

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