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If you want quality A/C service in Clinton, call in our skilled experts from Rock Valley HVAC. We promise to get to your home fast, assess your needs accurately, and get you solutions to help you stay cool no matter how hot it gets outside.

You can rely on our crew as your trusted air conditioning company in Clinton. No matter what you need for your air conditioning system, we’ll take care of it fast with the helpful service you count on whenever you call us at Rock Valley HVAC.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We want every customer we work for happy with the work that was performed.

    Knowledge & Expertise

    We keep up-to-date with the most efficient, highest-quality heating & cooling equipment on the market.

    Upfront Pricing

    Our HVAC service techs diagnose the problem and give you an exact price for the repair. No surprises!

Air Conditioning Repair

If you need an air conditioning repair in Clinton, contact us today! We’ll send an A/C expert to your house to fix your A/C ASAP. We know that you rely on your A/C unit to not only keep you comfortable but also to help you stay well when it’s really hot outside. That’s why we will repair any issue that comes up and do our very best to get everything running again soon.

Air Conditioning Replacement

When you need to get a new air conditioner, call us at Rock Valley HVAC to find the best air conditioning replacement for your home in Clinton. We’ll ensure that your new air conditioner meets every one of your needs and fits well with the size of your home, your cooling patterns, and more. Once you choose your new A/C system, we’ll order it and get it delivered fast.

Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you purchase your new air conditioner through us or not, we’ll get your air conditioning installation in Clinton completed fast. We also do every installation according to the manufacturer’s standards so you can be completely sure that each piece is working the way it was designed to. We’ll test your new A/C unit before we disappear, just to ensure that it is cooling the way you need it to!

Ductless Mini-Split A/C Services

Ductless A/C is a great option for many homes. Our team will install a new unit for you or fix one that is broken so you and your family can stay comfortable at home when it’s hot outside. Rely on our team for all of your ductless A/C needs.

Thermostat Services

When your thermostat breaks, you need to get it fixed fast. Our team will work with you to repair it or get you a replacement thermostat. We can even upgrade you to a programmable unit or one that you can control with your smartphone.

Rely on the team at Rock Valley HVAC for every air conditioning service you need, whenever you need it. Our trustworth technicians will get you cool again fast. Make your appointment now!

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