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When it comes to heating in Evansville, contact us at Rock Valley HVAC for all of your needs. We’ll send an expert to your door ASAP to get your heat running well again soon. Rely on us whenever you need heating help at home.

Heating repair in Evansville is easy when you have our team on your side. No matter what is going on, we’ll get to you fast and find the issue so we can get it fixed soon. Before you know it, we’ll have your heater working well again so you can get comfortable fast.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We want every customer we work for happy with the work that was performed.

    Knowledge & Expertise

    We keep up-to-date with the most efficient, highest-quality heating & cooling equipment on the market.

    Upfront Pricing

    Our HVAC service techs diagnose the problem and give you an exact price for the repair. No surprises!

Heating Replacement

Get the best heating replacement in Evansville for your needs when you rely on our team for your next heater. We’ll work with you to make sure you have the best heater for your home so you can stay warm this winter and through many to come.

Heating Installation

Heating installation in Evansville is easy when you work with us at Rock Valley HVAC. We install every heater according to published manufacturer specifications so we can be sure that the job gets done well.

Heating Maintenance

Maintain your heater and keep it running efficiently for many years. We’ll make sure your system is cleaned out and functioning optimally so you’ll be able to rely on it all winter long. We’ll change any filters you have, too, to increase efficiency even more. Invest in heating maintenance in Evansville this winter. Call now!

Furnace Services

We offer a complete line of furnace services from our furnace experts. Call us whenever your furnace isn’t working or when it’s time for maintenance. We’ll get it working normally again soon and we’ll always make sure it’s at optimal efficiency so you can save energy and money this winter.

Boiler Services

We have boiler experts on staff for customers just like you! We know that a number of people in and around Evansville rely on boilers for heat and we don’t want to leave you out in the cold. Call now, let us know you have a boiler, and we’ll get it working again ASAP.

Ductless Mini-Split Heating Systems

If you rely on a ductless mini-split system for your heat in Evansville, call us when it needs repairs or when it’s time to replace it. We’ll work with you to make sure your system is fully functional again before we leave your home.

Thermostat Services

If you’re having heating problems, your thermostat may be to blame! Our experts will assess it, let you know if it’s not working, and come up with a plan to fix it or to get you a new one. We can also install programmable or smart thermostats, to give you even more control over your heat this winter.

Call us at Rock Valley HVAC today or whenever you need heating help in Evansville. We’ll get to you quickly and get your heater working again as soon as possible. Call today to find out how easy it can be to get your heat fully functional again.

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