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If you live in Orfordville, you know you need your heating to work well. After all, it gets chilly around here in the winter and you don’t want to get cold at home.

Instead of letting your anxiety build, call us at Rock Valley HVAC. We’ll get to you fast, assess your heating needs quickly, then get you the heating services you need in Orfordville. Before long, you’ll be comfortable at home again!


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    We want every customer we work for happy with the work that was performed.

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    We keep up-to-date with the most efficient, highest-quality heating & cooling equipment on the market.

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    Our HVAC service techs diagnose the problem and give you an exact price for the repair. No surprises!

Heating Repair

If heating repair in Orfordville is what you need, then you’ve come to the right spot. Our team will get you and your home warm again before you know it. We’ll be there as soon as possible, talk to you about your heating, then take a look and test everything until we determine what’s not working.

Once we know the problem, we’ll know what needs to happen to finish your heating repair in Orfordville fast. We’ll get to work and stick with it until your heat works again!

Heating Replacement

Sometimes, it’s better to invest in a heating replacement in Orfordville rather than to get a repair. If you choose a heating replacement in Orfordville, we’ll help you choose the best heater for you and your home.

We’ll look at the size of your house and talk to you about saving energy, your heating usage patterns, and whether you’ve been satisfied with your heater up to this point. Once all of the data is in, we’ll use it to help you get the perfect new heater for your home.

Heating Installation

Choose your new heater and we’ll get right to work on your heating installation in Orfordville. We’ll make sure we use the manufacturer’s instructions while installing your heater so you have every guarantee that it will work well for you.

When we’re done with your heating installation in Orfordville, we’ll test it. When you’re sure it’s working, we’ll leave you assured that you’ll stay warm this winter.

Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance in Orfordville is key to keeping your heater working for many years. We’ll test each component, visually inspect the system, and fix any problems that we find. Then you’ll know that your heater is in great shape no matter how cold it gets this winter.


We are the trusted furnace company in Orfordville. Contact us now to get one of our furnace specialists to your house fast.


When you rely on a boiler for heat, you need boiler specialists to call when something is wrong. At Rock Valley HVAC, we have those specialists standing by, ready to help you out.

Ductless Mini-Split Heating Systems

Ductless heating is becoming more and more common and we have the service people you need for these systems. We’ll repair your heat, replace it, or keep it working for years to come.


Some heating problems find their source at the thermostat. We can fix your thermostat or upgrade it to help you stay warm all winter.

Call us at Rock Valley HVAC today to take advantage of our comprehensive heating services in Orfordville. We’ll get your home warm again as soon as we can!

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